Wisconsin Legislative Notification Service

By Jan Penn

For quite a few years the Wisconsin Legislative Servicehas been available on line, but kept a bit of a secret. This Service is a user friendly opportunity for all Wisconsin residents to sign up for notification and updates on legislation of particular interest to them. 


1.    Sign into legis.wisconsin.gov. On the top left (under pictures), click NOTIFICATION SERVICE

2.    Create an account

3.    Login (please use a unique password only for this site) and then begin selecting. (options)

-You can choose a specific topic such as Mining or Education and you will receive notification on legislation specific only to the topic(s)

-You can select by a particular Committee e.g. Joint Finance, Natural Resources, etc. 

-You can choose the name of our elected official(s) and will be notified as they author bills 

 - You can select the option to only be notified about a specific bill you may become aware of via a friend, blog, at the time Rep Meyer or Senator Bewley author a bill 

You control the amount and type of information you receive from the Service and can add or delete notifications at any time. 

The next act is very individual and based on your time and style. Knowing about legislation may expand your engagement in conversations with family/friends. You may choose to take it a step further and contact local officials, write an entire Committee in Madison, write a letter to the editor or approach the LWV/ABC Board about taking action on an issue. 

In any correspondence, you are reminded that the LWV can only be cited officially by the President of the local LWV or designees and would be based on positions voted upon by our local LWV, the LWVWI or the LWVUS. Your correspondence, emails, letters. Etc. are your personal view, which as a private voting citizen highly powerful.

Over the last few years, members have repeatedly asked, “what can I do”?  You can sign up for the Wisconsin Legislative Service as a start. Knowledge is power. As we see a newly elected and appointed set of officials at the helm of Wisconsin leadership, we can use this knowledge to move Wisconsin FORWARD!

Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znJeclcxdMA