Review and Comment on Enbridge Pipeline before September 30!

Please write or email your comments to the DNR at the addresses listed below!

For more information see the DNR news release and the DNR website.

Enbridge has submitted Chapter 30 (Wis. Stats.) waterway and Chapter 281.36 (Wis. Stats.) wetland permit applications to the Department in February 2014. Enbridge will be submitting an application for a Construction Site Erosion Control permit under NR 216 (Wis. Adm. Code), and an Air Pollution Control construction permit under NR 400-499 (Wis. Adm. Code). In addition, the DNR will review the projects for potential impacts to endangered resources.

The DNR will prepare an environmental impact statement (EIS) for these two projects. The EIS will inform decision-makers and the public about the anticipated effects of the proposed projects and alternatives. The EIS will look at direct local effects, as well as broader impacts at regional, statewide and larger scales.

Public scoping

The DNR is seeking public input on what topics should be addressed in the EIS. We've drafted an EIS outline [PDF] and would like the public to weigh in on topics that may be missing from the outline. 

The public is invited to review and comment on the draft EIS outline in writing by E-mail or by mail to: Jeff Schimpff - OB/7, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, P.O. Box 7921, Madison, WI 53707-7921. 

Comments on the EIS outline draft should be received by Tuesday, September 30, 2014.

Click here to see our letter to the DNR.