HR1: Legislation By And For The People

In November, voters sent a clear message across the country that they are ready for bold, comprehensive democracy reforms. Now, the League is working with a broad coalition of over 100 organizations to draft and shape HR1, a policy reform package that will include key democracy provisions.

  • Expanding voter registration:Modernizing the registration process through the expansion of automatic voter registration and online voter registration.

  • Implementing fair redistricting:It’s time to end gerrymandering once and for all so that voters select their elected officials – not the other way around.

  • Outlawing voter purging:Prohibiting illegal voter roll purging will ensure that eligible voters will not find themselves wrongfully stripped of the right to vote.

  • Restoring the VRA:Restoring the Voting Rights Act will strengthen our elections by cutting back the obstructive laws that have kept eligible voters from exercising their right at the ballot box.

HR1 will improve our election system and make our democracy stronger. It could also be our opportunity to rebalance our system so that Big Money doesn’t set Washington’s agenda or decide who gets a seat at the table—contact your Representative to ensure that this key provision is also included.  

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