Stop bill that could shut down LWV registration drives

The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin opposes SB 295, the voter registration bill being considered in the state Senate. Although the legislation offers some benefits, such as electronic voter registration, the benefits are more than offset by new restrictions. Contact your state Senator today and let them know you oppose SB 295.

Under SB 295 online registration would be available only to those who have a current and valid Wisconsin driver’s license or ID card. This does not help thousands of people who are qualified to vote in Wisconsin but don't have one of these two types of ID, including many seniors, students, minorities and low-income people.

The proposal would make it virtually impossible for groups like the League of Women Voters to conduct voter registration drives.

League members who are deputized to register voters sign up thousands of citizens every year in Wisconsin. They do so at senior centers, farmers markets, community fairs, high schools and colleges – and not just before an election. The League's volunteers reach citizens where they are, register them and answer their questions about when and where to vote. It would be a terrible mistake to shut down this important form of positive civic engagement.

The bill could have a full Senate vote as early as Tuesday, February 9.

CALL TO ACTION: Phone or email your state Senator today and urge him/her to oppose SB 295, which would make it harder for people to register to vote in Wisconsin.

For contact information for your legislators, click here and enter your address in the box to the left of the Wisconsin map under the heading Find My Legislators.