Join the 2015 Sacred Water Walk


The 2015 Sacred Water Walk is now in our area! Kate saw them on Highway 2 approaching the Bad River Reservation's east border on August 27th. You can join the walk or festivities. If you are interested in joining the last leg of the walk, please see the Walk Protocols.

Here is the latest information from Katherine Morriseau:

The Water Walkers will be walking across the South Shore — From Duluth to Red Cliff and on to Madeline Island. This is the schedule of events and everyone is invited to participate. Walk and talk and be part of an historic event. For more information check out these web sites.

Mother Earth Water Walk
Indigenous Rising
Water Walkers United Facebook page

Walk a block, a mile, or many more! All are welcome!

Tuesday Morning they will leave Port Wing and continue on to Red Cliff.

Aunt Josephine, the infamous lead walker begins her walk at 4:00am,  so I'm thinking is that once they depart from Port Wing on Tuesday Morning, Sept 1st,  it wouldn't be a surprise to see them walking past the Health Center maybe around  12:00 Noon...

Tuesday FEAST : community of Red Cliff is hosting a feast around 5:00pm at Legendary Waters or nearby. There will be signs on Hwy 13.   

Wednesday Morning up and early on the to catch the 6:30 am Ferry to Madeline Island.    

From the organizers: try to understand,  sometimes as much as we'd like to put a time out there, it might not work out. So, think of the water — the constant movement, or something such as a large rock might get in the way... and the water has to take a few minutes to flow around it... it will all happen as it needs to.

Chi Miigwech to all those that have put their heart, mind and body into making this event a memorable event!

From the Bayfield Chamber to its members:

Anishinabe women from across North America have been inspired to take up their work and walk the waters in their community. All of the walks are spiritual and physical in nature and are to raise awareness of the water. They walk to call attention to the sacred gift of water, the source of all life.

The Sacred Water Walkers are going to be coming through Bayfield on Wednesday, September 2nd and need our help and support. The Water Walkers will carry salt water from the Atlantic Ocean along the traditional migration route around the Great Lakes and end on Madeline Island. This walk is to raise awareness of oil spills by ship and train on the St Lawrence River to Lake Superior.

Protecting the water is crucial to our way of life in Bayfield and the Chamber and Visitor Bureau has twice voted to protect the water by resolution, once because of the proposed iron mine and more recently for the proposed pig factory (CAFO). Both of these posed an unacceptable risk to the water in Lake Superior and our region. 

If you would like to help the Water Walkers in their current walk you can do so in a number of ways:

1. You can walk with the walkers.  You can contact them directly at

2. You can donate a gift to be given to the Water Walkers on Madeline Island at the end of the walk. Please drop these off at the Chamber office. Any and all gifts are welcome.

3. You can donate fruit, veggies, or pastries for the Walter Walkers to eat on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. Please contact David at the Chamber office.

If you are interested in any or all of the above please contact David at the Chamber office. Please drop off any food items on Tuesday to be available on Wednesday morning 6 am.

Support the Walk    Tentative Schedule

From the Madeline Island Chamber:

The Water Walkers led by Elder Josephine Mandamin, will be arriving on Madeline Island Wednesday, Sept. 2 on the 6:30am ferry.  This will be the completion of their water walk from Quebec to Madeline Island carrying sacred water to bring attention to the importance of protecting our water resources. Their walk began in June and is re-tracing the traditional migration route of the Anishinaabeg.  Other Anishinaabeg leaders and participants will be arriving throughout the morning on Sept. 2.

There will be a feast at Ojibwe Memorial Park at noon on Wednesday sponsored by the Forest County Potawatomi,  and a potluck feast noon on Thursday at Joni's Beach on Madeline Island and organized by Islanders honoring the walkers.  Everyone is invited to extend a warm welcome to the Water Walkers on the completion of this important walk.  Organizers are grateful to the Forest County Potawatomi have donated funds for the feast, housing, and transportation of the Walkers.  Thanks to everyone who contributes time, food, and support to this event.