Dresser Presents "What’s Going on for Working Wisconsin and What Can We Do?"

In partnership with Northland College's Center for Rural Communities and WITC, the ABC/LWV hosted a talk on April 29 by Laura Dresser titled “What’s Going on for Working Wisconsin and What Can We Do?". 

Dresser, Associate Director of the UW-Madison Center on Wisconsin Strategy, presented an overview of key trends for working people in the state. Drawing on her two decades of research on the Wisconsin economy and solutions to inequality and wage stagnation, Dresser offered data on wages, income, and poverty and provided some thoughts on how those are reshaping lives in our communities. Dresser also described some concrete steps that can be taken at the state and local level to help rebuild opportunity. 

The presentation was followed by a panel of local people with expertise in business and workforce issues.

Couldn't make it? View the video of the presentation and the panel discussion below. Visit our Current Local Study page to learn more about the work we're doing. 

Laura Dresser Presentation:


Panel Discussion: