Are You Ready to Vote?

The following appeared in the Letters to the Editor in the February 1, 2016 edition of the Ashland Daily Press: 

Dear Readers,

THE PRIMARY ELECTION IS FEBRUARY 16th.  Your vote is essential, as the results will determine your leaders. This first step determines who you want to run for office.

Are you ready to vote?

  • You need a photo ID (WI Driver License, WI ID Card, Passport, Tribal ID Card, Military Card, College ID Card with proof of enrollment.)
  • To  get a free ID go to DMV, 2501 Golf Course Road, Ashland Tu and Th 7am-5pm.  (Off Sanborn Road, Ashland)  Bring original documents to prove your name and date of birth, your identity, proof of citizenship, Social Security number, and Proof of Residence
  • Fore more info:

Are you registered?

You must be a US citizen, at least 18 years old, have resided at your address for 28 consecutive days immediately preceding the election. You can register at your Municipal Clerk’s office up to Friday, Feb 12, 5 pm, or you can register at the polls the day of election.  You will need a photo ID and Proof of Residence.

Where to vote?

You can call your Municipal Clerk and ask.

Absentee ballot requests begin Monday, February 1st and go through February 12th.  You can get your ballot from the Municipal Clerk’s office.  A valid photo ID is needed.  


IF SO CALL: 1-866-868-3947 or go to the site: and they will help you.

The League of Women Voters of Ashland Bayfield County will hold Candidate Forums so that you can hear and see your candidates. Dates will be available soon. Please check

Jo Bailey,  
LWV member on behalf of the League of Women Voters Ashland Bayfield Counties Board