Leaguers here’s a fact you might consider when asking who holds power, especially with all the anti-democratic legislation emerging out of the Legislature:

Between 1979 and 20 12, average incomes for the top 1% in Wisconsin more than doubled, after being adjusted for inflation. In contrast the remaining 99% saw less than 2% growth. Put another way, $91 out of every $100 of income growth that occurred between 1979 and 2012 in WI wound up in the pockets of the top 1%.
— Center on Wisconsin Strategy, UW Madison, Pulling Apart 2015: Focus on Wisconsin’s 1 Percent

After much reading and gathering of materials the Income Inequality Study group is beginning its discussion of what their written report will look like as well as the conclusions and recommendations to be drawn from their work.  

Most importantly the group is now also organizing the public education aspects of its work.  On Tuesday, November 17, the Public Education subcommittee has arranged for the LWV/ABC to co-host a new movie, Education, Inc. with the Bay Area Film Society at 7 PM StageNorth in Washburn.  The film examines the issues facing public schools around the country.  A panel of school teachers and administrators will comment on the film afterward.  They are also organizing a forum for Monday, January 11 featuring UW Madison Education professor, Julia Meade, a critic of the movement to privatize public education.  It will be held at the Northern Great Lakes Visitors Center.

The Employment Issues Subcommittee is also approaching Northland College to partner on a forum this Spring on “Socially Just Entrepreneurship”.  The Safety Net Subcommittee is also looking at a spring date for a public education event on “Defending the Social Safety Net”.

The next Study Committee meeting dates will be at 5:30 pm at the Blue Wave Restaurant on Monday, December 7 and Thursday, January 7.  Any League or community member who wants to join the study group is welcome.  Please contact Linda Jorgenson at 373-2948, or Jan Penn at 274-2942.