This may be one of the most important elections of our lifetime - Elizabeth MacNamara

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The League Update

October 16, 2014

Dear League Members,

It is easy to tell that Election Day 2014 is getting closer. In my recent travels to Wisconsin and this week in Texas, you see the candidates’ yard signs everywhere and the television ads have picked up and seem to run at every opportunity on every channel. What I have also seen first-hand is all the work the Leagues are doing in these final weeks. Hundreds of candidate debates and forums are being held and tens of thousands, if not millions, of voters’ guides are getting into the hands of voters and available online through Leagues are doing what they do best: providing the information all voters need to get ready and vote on November 4th.

This may be one of the most important elections of our lifetime. There is a great deal on the line - control of the US Senate - and thus the direction of our country going into the next presidential race, literally hangs in the balance of how many people register and vote this year. Big issues are weighing on the minds of voters: continuing to get our economy back on track, our national security during these very scary and uncertain times, affording quality education, and health care.

Keep up the great work of preparing and informing voters. This work is one of the most valuable things we do for our communities. As you turn your attention to get-out-the-vote activities and helping Election Day go smoothly by working at or observing the polls, remember to send out a press release and letter to the editor, update your Facebook page and Twitter feed, call up your neighbors, and make sure your voters’ guide is available in local grocery stores, schools, lobbies and bus stops. This is what the League does best. But voters can only take advantage of the resources if we share them far and wide.

In League,