Be informed and prepared to vote

The following appeared in the Letters to the Editor in the February 12, 2016 edition of the Ashland Daily Press: 

By Dianne Judd, Communications Chair, Ashland Bayfield County League of Women Voters

The first Wisconsin primary is only days away, and though many may not think so, this is a very important election. At stake is the future of the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Two candidates will be chosen to go on to the general election. These judges will make many decisions affecting the lives of all the citizens in Wisconsin for many years to come. They may rule on how we protect our water, our air, and even our right to vote.

There will also be many other local and county races, anywhere there are more than two contenders. Check with your local municipal clerk to find out what will be on the ballot.

You may still register and vote. You can register on Election Day; to do so, bring a photo ID and proof of residence to your polling location. To learn more, contact your municipal clerk or go to You may also call the League of Women Voters office at 608.256.0827.

If you are already registered, all you need to bring is your photo ID.

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To find out where the candidates stand on issues important to you, read your local newspapers, watch local news stations for candidate interviews, or go to The League does not endorse or oppose any political candidate or party, but sends a questionnaire to federal, state, and local candidates in many areas. Their answers are posted verbatim on that website, so you can make up your own mind. Don't believe everything you see on political ads; they can be misleading and sometimes totally false.

Before the April 5 election, which is the Wisconsin Presidential primary and the final vote on those chosen in the Feb. 16 primary, the LWV will hold election forums where you will be able to pose questions directly to the candidates. Be informed, and then vote in every election. It is your right and your responsibility. You deserve good representation.