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Economic Inequality Meeting — Committee of the Whole

  • Blue Wave 2521 Lake Shore Dr West Ashland, WI 54806 (map)

Monday, November 2
Blue Wave, 2521 Lake Shore Dr West, Ashland, WI

There will be minutes sent and agenda prior to the meeting. 

The Education committee has been busy at it and is working on a date for a film/discussion -so begins the public education segment of the study. One grant has been submitted and the other committees are working hard to make contacts for community partnerships in effort to offer a very interesting set of programs for the region. 

Some members will be receiving emails regarding activities they have committed to work on and others may receive some requests based on stated interests and skills. We are moving fast into action and community work so get that fire going under your feet as we all work to move the study to the next level. 

We do need some help with the "Safety net"/Services subcommittee. Linda J is heading that group and the focus right now is impact on housing and a rather convoluted process for accessing assistance. Linda can speak better to this but anyone wanting to help flesh out the last of the needed data esp from Bayfield county is invited to step forward. Please contact Linda. 

Thanks for your ongoing commitment to this vital issue impacting so many in our region-in fact 99% of the citizens if stats are correct.